Today I want to tell you one of the reasons why people struggle to get fluent.

First, you need two things to achieve fluency in a language:

  1. Input
  2. Output

Input refers to learning, studying and absorbing a language.

Most people are very good at this.

  • You listen to music
  • You watch your favorite movies
  • You read books
  • You take classes

…all in your target language.

BUT, that’s only half of the puzzle.

The other half is output– you need to produce, create, and communicate.


But you can’t do this alone.

You need to interact with others because that’s how you’ll know if you are communicating clearly.

Most language learners only absorb their target language.

They never…

  • use the language to interact with others
  • create material in the language they are learning

Fortunately, doing this is easier than you think!

Here are some ideas…

  • You can start a YouTube channel in English
  • You can start an Instagram account in English
  • You can start a podcast in English

You won’t be good at writing and recording yourself in the beginning, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

When I give this advice, most English learners say things like, “Oh, but my English is so bad! I need to improve it so I can make videos…”

What they fail to realize is that…

Making content in English is how you will improve your English.

I have a friend who is a non-native English speaker.

His English is phenomenal.

When I asked how he got so good, he said…

“Well, my English was awful… so I started a podcast… 100 episodes later, my English was amazing.”

THAT is the mindset you need to have.